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आपण बहुतेकदा कोणत्या प्रकारचे कालिम्बा वापरता?


I just ordered a 17 tine Kalimba (my first Kalimba). After watching some videos about Chromatic and 21 tine Kalimbas I am wondering if 17 tine was the right decision. So I wanted to ask you about your experience with different Kalimbas. What kind of Kalimba do you use most often and do you feel like something is missing when you play on your 17 tine Kalimba?
Another thing I wanted to ask is if it damages or wears the Kalimba in any way to retune it.
Thanks a lot and shout out to the youtuber erick j medina who recommended this site in one of his videos.

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(@ अ‍ॅडमिन)
कालिम्बा अ‍ॅड प्रशासन

@kaliFAN - thanks for your questions


It is pure personal preference if you like a chromatic or the 17-key Kalimba. I would advise experimenting with both and picking the one you like more.


Now, in terms of retuning, some Kalimbas are fixed - which means that you cannot retune them at all. Others, like Kalimbera, can be retuned - but you can tune it in C or lower keys (otherwise the highest tines won't make any sound).

च्या मालक कलीमबेरा.कॉम आणि कलिम्बाफोरम डॉट कॉम

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खिला अँड्रिया
प्रख्यात कॅलिम्बिस्ट

As I am still learning, I often use a 17-key kalimba. For me, buying a chromatic one will be cheaper in the long run, than having one 17 and one chromatic. But since you've bought one already, I don't think it's a bad decision. Additionally, you can still explore and decide if you're really interested in a kalimba with the first one you got. Hoping for the best when you receive it! 

यूट्यूब: ख्यला अँड्रिया
इन्स्टाग्राम: khyla.kalimba
फेसबुक: https://facebook.com/KhylaAndreaYT

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Nataliya आवडले
सक्रिय कॅलिम्बिस्ट

I’m a newbie in kalimba world ^_^ and I’m glad that I already bought my very first kalimba the Meraki and I love the melody that I heard every time I played it 

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Nataliya आवडले
न्यू कॅलिम्बिस्ट

Thanks for all the answers. I bought a Bolf Kalimba and I think it is retunable. But i will leave it at C major I think, because I found many tabs for it.

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Nataliya आवडले
(@ बास्केट)
प्रख्यात कॅलिम्बिस्ट

Ich habe eine B11 und eine B17 in G-Dur von Hokema, die liebe ich um Melodien zu spielen. 

Meine selbst gebauten Kalimbas haber alle Vedschiedene Sonderstimmungen: Akebono, Pygmy, Deep Skye und so. Damit kann man schön frei spielen.

सस्किआकडून शुभेच्छा

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